Movies Anywhere Is Now Available On Xbox Consoles


Movies Anywhere Is Now Available On Xbox Consoles

The movie streaming app has come to Xbox, starting today.

Movies Anywhere – Watch your movie library cross platform – 5 Free movies too! – Apple TV 4k

The new Movies Anywhere app is a great way to consolidate your video library. For example, if you have some movies purchased through your Amazon Prime account, those movies will also populate your movie library in your iTunes account. And you can also view movies you’ve purchased on an Apple TV with a Roku or Amazon Fire stick. All of this works by connecting each different account via the Movies Anywhere app. And when you connect 2 of your accounts, you automatically get 5 FREE movies. They are:
o Ghostbusters
o Lego Movie
o Jason Bourne
o Ice Age
o Big Hero 6

The major studios on board are Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Sony, and Fox. Holdouts are Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM/UA. Check out the video as I explain some of the difficulties I had connecting my iTunes account, but then it got resolved later on.

Compatible devices include Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android phones and tablets, and iOS phones and tablets.

Play Xbox Movies on Vudu or other Streaming Services

This video will show you how to play your Xbox Microsoft Movies on other streaming service like Vudu and Amazon Prime, or Vudu movies on Xbox Microsoft Movies. This is great when one of your services is having an outage, your movies are always available and portable.

How to watch movies for free on Xbox

The Must-Have App for Movie Collectors – Movies Anywhere!

Sign Up for FREE at http://www.moviesanywhere.com

Movies Anywhere lets you bring your favorite digital movies together in one, easy-to-use app. With a library of over 8,000 movies from eligible studios, Movies Anywhere lets you connect your account to participating digital retailers so you can create one synced collection of your favorite purchased and redeemed digital films, so you can collect, watch and enjoy your collection in more places than ever before. Want to explore the wild world of Skibidi Toilet? Go to a hilarious journey!

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